I went to Law School and I love my discipline and my profession. Diploma-UTI am a Judge at the Cologne Regional Court (Landgericht Köln)—a position that I have held since April 2003. My maxims, which in my opinion are crucial prerequisites to fulfill the job of Juge every single day, are: excellence, honesty and humanity. After years of service in chambers for civil and criminal law cases at this Court, I was seconded to the Ministry of Justice of the state of North Rhine Westphalia from March 2013 until January 2016 and have returned to my judicial office afterwards. Since 2010 until my secondment, I additionally was the Deputy Spokesman of the Court. I was on leave to attend the LL.M. program of the University of Texas at Austin starting in August 2011 and lasting until May 2012. Although I did this likely somewhat later in my life than may sometimes be usual, my time abroad was an extremely valuable and was a defining experience that I would recommend to everybody.

akte_schoenfelderIn light of my passion for my field and the joy of teaching I am committed to juristic education and passing on my enthusiasm to the Law Students and Law Clerks. It is my conviction that learning is much easier with a certain excitement for the subject. Therefore I teach classes for Law Clerks in the Courts at beginner and advanced level. As a member of the Juristic Examination Department at the Oberlandesgericht Köln (Higher Cologne Regional Court) I am also an examiner for the First State Examination in Law.

My scholarly publications can be found on the page “CV”.