Sports Law

As an Adjunct Professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Cologne, I provide classes in Sports Law on a regular basis: A lecture in Sports Law every winter semester and a writing seminar every summer semester. The lecture announcement (in German language) and the syllabus are available here. In the near future, the class material will also be downloadable here.The writing Seminar is taught every year in cooperation with a tenured professor in order for attending students to be able to fulfill the writing seminar credit requirement of the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Law of the University of Cologne. The topics of the foregoing writing seminars are available here: Summer 2010 (in German language) and Summer 2011 (in German language). For attending students, the papers of the other participants will be downloadable here.I am a member of the German Association for Sports Law [Deutsche Vereinigung für Sportrecht].